Jim LeRoy Bulldog Pitts SPECS

> Length: 18 feet

> Span: 19.5 feet

> Weight: 1250 lbs

> Power: 400 hp

> Max speed: 250 mph

> Max cruise: 195 mph

> Fuel capacity (cross country configuration): 45 gal

> Fuel capacity (airshow configuration): 22 gal

> Range: 450 miles

> Roll Rate: 330 degree/sec

> Routine g loading: +10, -9


Modifications done to stock Pitts S2S
to create the Bulldog Pitts

Wing modifications

Stronger spar material (Douglas fir), rear spar thickness increased, tip bows were removed, corner blocks used at all rib-spar joints, aluminum leading edges were replaced with plywood, capstrips were added to all ribs, heavy duty aileron bays were constructed, less space was allowed between ribs in the wing root area (more ribs). Different airfoil was used for top wing. Longer chord was used on both bottom and top wings. I-strut and tip areas were 'boxed in'. The wings were designed by Steve Wolf and built by Raven Aircraft (www.ravenaircraft.com) with the final fitting done by Alan Geringer and Sean DeRosier. Ailerons are nearly 50% longer each with 1 inch longer chord and are hinged at three locations at the 30% chord point. Ailerons were built by Kimball Aircraft (www.jimkimballenterprises.com).

Fuselage modifications

Most work done by Alan Geringer. Left and right lower longerons (just aft of the engine mount) were reinforced. Upper longerons were reinforced at tank mounts. Stronger stringers were installed. The seat area was reinforced. Header tanks were added to both the main and auxiliary fuel tanks. The auxiliary tank is used for smoke oil at shows. Total smoke oil capacity - 17 gallons. Elevator and rudder areas were increased by approximately 10% and angled rather than round. Extra bracing was added to the tail. Wing attach points were reinforced. Gear fairings were strengthened. The cowling was modified to accept the modifed motor.

Engine modifications

The engine is a Lycoming AEIO-540-D4A5 that has been modifed by LyCon (www.lycon.com) to produce 400 horsepower (stock motor is rated at 260hp). These modifications are classified at the request of LyCon. Please contact them for details - they'll build one just like it for you! Ph. 559-651-1070. Ask for Ken or Steve and tell them you want a Bulldog Motor!


Switched to the following accessories:
Slick Magnetos
> Slick Start power boost
> Slick Ignition Harness
> Autolite spark plugs
> Airflow performance Fuel Servo.
> Barry Controls Heavy duty engine mounts.
> Sky Dynamics Exhaust


> Switched to a composite propeller made by MT-Propeller.
> Propeller model: MTV-9-B-C
> Blade model: C203-20

Radios and instruments

> The Bulldog uses a Bendix-King KY-197A (14 volt) transceiver and a KT-76C transponder.
> The navigation radios are Garmin GPSMAP 295 with a Garmin GPS III Pilot as the backup.
> The Bulldog employs a solid state electronic attitude system with a digital 'artificial horizon' display.
> The attitude indicating system and the navigation radios are removed prior to aerobatics.
> Electronics International engine instruments are used to monitor EGT's, CHT's, oil temperature and pressure.



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