All of the companies listed below represent the absolute best in their class.
I have to believe in a product and company before I will use it or add it to my list of sponsors – I don’t use parts or equipment just because it’s offered free to me. There’s just too much at stake. I’ve turned down numerous sponsorship opportunities because they just didn’t stack up to the competition. Please know that I fully recommend all of these companies and I am very, very proud to carry their logo on my aircraft.

Jim LeRoy



The world leader in piston aircraft engines supplies the parts for the Bulldog’s motor.


Ly-Con, a rebuild shop in Visalia, California builds the 400 hp motor for the Bulldog.


You can’t perform at an airshow unless you can get there. Jim uses Garmin Navigation and Communication radios.


Unison makes Slick Magnetos and Autolite Spark Plugs. They provide the ignition system for the Bulldog.


In order to get horsepower you’ve got to get fuel and air to the motor in a big way. Airflow Performance provides the custom fuel system for the Bulldog.


The custom 3-bladed composite propeller is provided and maintained by MT Propeller.


This is the shop that built Bulldog II from all of the various parts. They put in countless hours making sure everything was just right.


Jim LeRoy uses Miller Welding equipment exclusively – the best available.


Jim uses Primashock for website design and maintenance, as well as ad and logo creation.


PPG provided the high tech, color changing, metallic paint on Bulldog II. Not only does it look cool but it stands up to the abuse of sun, heat, rain and high speeds as well.


The Bulldog is covered with fabric, yes fabric. It’s got to be tough and it’s got to be right. Polyfiber sets the standard in aircraft fabric covering.


Softie-Parachutes are known world wide for being the highest quality, most comfortable and reliable emergency parachutes available.


The Bulldog II paint scheme was designed to make an impression. Aircraft Studio Designs will take your concept and turn it into reality, or create a unique concept for you.


There’s too much hanging on the motor to not know exactly what’s going on. Electronics International makes the engine and system monitoring instruments used on the Bulldog.


Anything you might need to paint your aircraft, boat, car, truck or tractor, you can find at Ben’s. Numerous locations throughout the south.


Have you seen a cool paint job on a NASCAR driver’s helmet? Gary Hess probably painted it. He paints Jim’s helmets as well. Simply awesome.


Jim pushes harder and more frequently than any other performer, this means he spends a lot of time pressed against his seat belts. Hooker Harness makes the seat belt system that keeps Jim in the aircraft.


Bulldog II sports 800 square feet of vinyl, all done by Screaming Aero Grafix – the aircraft and automobile vinyl specialist.


Engine mounting systems in aerobatic aircraft are extremely critical. Barry Controls makes the mounts that hold the Bulldog motor on the airframe.


In order to get “big” power, everything has to be “bigger” including the exhaust system. Sky Dynamics provides the custom exhaust system for the Bulldog.


Air-Pro is market leader in the manufacture, sale and distribution of rotable components, hose assemblies and expendable materials. They make the hoses for the Bulldog.


All instruments are provided by Pacific Southwest Instruments – a dealer and overhaul facility located in Southern California.


The Bulldog rides to each show in its own custom air-ride trailer. The suspension is critical and has to be smooth. Trailair makes that suspension system.




Thanks for supporting Jim LeRoy and Bulldog Airshows!




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