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Take apart video
.WMV file ( 2.640 K )

Jim at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004
.WMV file ( 1,101 K )
MOD at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004
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MOD 2003 Action

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2002 selection

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ESPN2 - Ft. Lauderdale Air & Sea Show 2002.
Size 10.20 MB

Ribbon Cut at Sussex-2002.
Size 1.60 MB
Snap Roll just off the water, Lauderdale-2002.
Size 3.22 MB
Alpha 1 Departure at Sussex-2002.
Size 2.26 MB
Hangar rush at Sussex-2002.
Size 3.48 MB


1999 Promotional video clips Click on any thumbnail to download the video

1999 Promotional Video
Size 15,767KB

Jimmy Jammer
Size 1,035KB

Low Level Centrifuge
Size 1,219KB

Multiple Snap Rolls
Size 1,092KB

Knife-Edge Spin
Size 1,619KB

Low level tumble / Bulldog Shim
Size 1,658KB

Maximum Outside Turn / 8 pt. roll
Size 924KB

Vertical Jammer / Micro Loop
Size 1,855KB

Double Knife-Edge Ribbon Cut
Size 2,261KB

Torque Roll / Rolling Harrier
Size 1,639KB

1997 Promotional video clips Click on any button to download / view each video.

Two snaps on top of a loop.
The candycane.  A vertical gyroscopic maneuver.
The Bulldog Centrifuge.  A sustained descending gyroscopic maneuver where the aircraft appears to  tumble.  Kind of like a gyroscopic barrel roll.
The Bulldog Centrifuge from the cockpit. 
A hammerhead turn with an extra rotation - the double hammerhead.
The Bulldog Harrier Pass.
Another view of the Bulldog Harrier Pass.
An aerial view of the infamous inverted flat spin.
The Jimmy Jammer.  A Jim LeRoy original.  1 ¼ rolls left to left knife edge, followed by 1 outside snap right into 1 ½ inside snaps - same direction without hesitation.  Ends at right knife edge. 
The Jimmy Jammer from the cockpit. 
The Bulldog Point Roll.  Roll left to 45 deg.  Roll left to 225 deg.  Roll left to inverted.  Roll left to 315 deg.  Roll left to 135 deg.  Roll left to upright.  Roll left to 225 deg. Push and roll 495 deg. to upright.
 An inverted ribbon cut from the cockpit. 
Inverted ribbon cut.
An aerial view of the inverted ribbon cut.
Multiple inside snap rolls on the 45 deg. down line.
The Topper - a Jim LeRoy original.  Also called the 
"back it up and turn it around" maneuver.
The Tower of Power.  A lump into an extreme torque.  I copied this one off another dude and renamed it.
Flying under the ribbon - getting ready for the inverted ribbon cut.
The Bulldog Vertical Jammer.  A Jim LeRoy original.  2 ½ rolls to inverted just off the deck.  A push to the vertical immediately followed by 2 outside gyros to upright on top.




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